30 Days of Biking: 2013 recap

Over the month of April, I tracked everywhere that I went on my bike and all of my purchases where I used my bike to get to the business.

Being car-free means that almost all of our errands are completed using our bikes and almost all of my purchases this month fell within a 4km radius from our house.  Our money (minus our income taxes!) definitely stays in our community.

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Here’s how the month stacked up:

Days cycled: 29/30 (Missed one day due to a freak snowstorm)

Total distance: 293km

Total purchases: $1571

I mapped the radius from our neighbourhood and 99.9% of the money we spent this month stayed within a 4km distance from home.  Live local.  Buy local.

Who says that cyclists don’t spend money?  Phooey, I say.

I did this last year too.

Here are a few photo highlights from the past month:

1. Bakfietsen! at the rec centre


2. Voting with your bike  (Follow this link! Bikeyface is worth the click!)


3. A moody rainy night ride home over the Corkstown Bridge


4. I have harnessed the power of the bungees


5. Minor bike maintenance 101: winter chain cleaning

Before and after

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