A weekend in Montreal


Bonjour, Montreal.  I missed you.  And your bike lanes that appear on busy streets and not-so-busy streets. We should see each other more often.  I know, my French is getting rusty.  I barely remember my Bixi seat height setting. It was good to see you last weekend. I’m a bit sad you replaced your old métro spooky “buh-buh-buh” tone for a newer “BUH BUH BUH get on the train” tone.  Thanks for offering $13 transit passes that run from Friday at dinner to Monday morning.  That is awesome.


And $5 for 24-hour Bixi passes?  Yes.  That too.  Getting around is easy.  Even when you forget your map.


You’re always fun city to revisit to see what’s changed.  This year, you turned a weekly garbage pile into a bike corral.  And a really nice one.  Kudos.


My bag still fits.


I’d like to commend your restaurants for offering a triple-pastry brunch.  Toasted baguette, chocolatine and croissant.  A well-balanced meal.


And thank you for having the best concert venues.  Seriously, the best.  With no one’s head is in your way because the seats are raked so well.  (Chilly Gonzales… go see him and the Kaiser Quartet if you can.)


Three encores.


There’s always something interesting to see.  Families out biking.  Parkour on the street pole outside your brunch joint.  Mystery no-name-Casablanca bar. And darn fine old fashioned drinks at the Nouveau Palais.


Streets to walk and stairs to climb.  Let’s do this again.

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