Written by Lana Stewart.

  • B.A. Music / Canadian Studies (McGill University)
  • M.A. Canadian Studies, Heritage Conservation (Carleton University)

Pedestrian, cyclist, mom. Living car-free in Ottawa since 2000.

Our growing collection of vehicles include:

  • Babboe City cargo bike
  • Brompton folding bike (the “I’m going to travel!  No really, I am!” bike)
  • Raleigh Detour Deluxe (spare/visitor bike)
  • Kona MinUte (school run tot-toter, camping bike and ski carrier)
  • Dutch upright “Van Gogh” step through (my social bike)
  • Steelwool road bike (I’m not sure this is my kind of biking)
  • Weehoo trailer (for when I want the kid to pedal and burn off energy)
  • Wike grocery trailer (for extra toting)
  • The husband rides a “vintage” Peugot with an Xtracycle attachement
  • He has a Kona Dr. Dew for speedy rides (although it is currently “weighed down” with fenders)
  • Son has a 16″ bike of his own

Um.  I like bikes.

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  1. I Agree with your mission to eliminate car traffic but this is not practically possible… I am working on a project that can improve current parking scene a bit


    Condo/Parking Space Permit
    Car owners can stick a small tag on their windscreen which allows them to enter into the parking lot. Preferred way is that, it takes data through a microcontroller which is attached with a computer but only connected when a modification is required in the given users. These computers are later on connected with the web system where we can add/remove the dependency

    Event Parking
    Through online registration and payment, car owners can purchase prepaid ticket to pay for the parking. They can pay online and are given a barcode. That bar code can be read by the bar code reader on the exit gate. Barcode reader is connected with the computer in real time so it updates the purchased tickets and void them from further using…

    I believe your experience, feedback and support can bring an immense value to our Startup. We can eliminate the ticket wastage through this system, making a step further towards a green environment. I am in Ottawa and would like to know your thoughts on this. Please let me know about suitable time to discuss it more in person.
    I am looking forward to hear back from you. Thanks a lot !

        • Hi Lana, Your blog came up when I was trying to search Ottawa retailers for Van Gogh bikes. Unfortunately I missed the Ottawa Citizen’s ‘Go With Van Gogh’ contest but as soon as I saw Van Gogh’s exhibit at the National Gallery and entered the gift shop, I decided that I’d like to purchase a Van Gogh bike. I don’t have a bike right now and both my kids do. Hence, I’d really like to join them on evening bikerides around town. If you are even wanting to sell your Van Gogh bike (for that beauty in the shop window…what was it called? Velorbis ???), please keep me in mind as someone who would love to buy yours from you. Thank you! Julie

  2. Hello,

    I enjoyed reading your blog articles about Biking in Ottawa. My wife and I live in Old Ottawa South and we have two little kids and biking lifestyle you lead is very appealing to me. The reason for my post is I was trying to figure out how to subscribe to the site, but I could only find ways to subscribe to certain articles. Do you have a mailing list you can add me to?


    • Hi Sarah! Keep up the good work. I don’t get over to that side of the river very often (but maybe more once that Donald Street bridge is built). : )

      I’m out of town on the 2nd, but I’ll be sure to send out some tweets about it.

  3. Capital Vélo Fest is an Ottawa based non-profit organization with the mission to “Inspire people of all ages to ride a bike more often”

    We fulfill our mission by planning and implementing cycling related events and activities that encourage people to get on their bikes.

    Our events use fun as a persuasive force to influence the choice to ride. We combine the pleasure of cycling with education, information, and entertainment in bicycle festivals, bicycle rallies and bicycle rodeos. Our main event is Ottawa’s premier bicycle festival, held the first weekend in June. Our bike rallies are held monthly throughout the cycling season, and we can organize a private bike rally for businesses and organizations that want to have a team building event that promotes a healthy lifestyle with environmental consciousness. Our camp and school bike rodeos are designed by Can-Bike trained instructors to teach cycling and road skills to children and youth with age-appropriate activities and cycling games. We also own SMOOCH, our bicycle powered smoothie machine that stirs up a delicious concoction in about minute with human power.

    Please add a link to our website in the Community & Organizations section of your website

  4. Capital Vélo Fest, Ottawa’s annual bicycle festival, is taking place on Saturday, May 31st from 4pm-11pm at Ottawa City Hall. The event features a bike rodeo from 4-8pm with cycling information, skill challenges and entertainment. The Tour La Nuit, a ride under the stars without any cars through the streets of Ottawa, goes from 8pm-11pm. The event is in support of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa. Register in advance for the Tour La Nuit with a donation to the charity and get a free pass to the Gear Zone at the festival where you can light up your bike for the ride!

    Visit http://www.capitalvelofest.ca for more information and to register for the Tour La Nuit.

  5. Hi Modal Mom,

    Do you have any advice for people going car-free in suburban areas, such as Hunt Club or Greenboro? Our family will be car-free effective June 25th and I was wondering what your opinon is on sidewalk biking on 80km+ roads such as Hunt Club, or where bike lanes abruptly end on 4-5 lane roads. I will have to ride with a trailer with two young kids onboard (3 and 18 months).


  6. Hi Lana!

    I’m a journalism student at Carleton currently working on a story about cycling in the Hintonburg and Wellington West areas. I’d love to ask you a few questions and get your input on some issues in the area. You can reach me at sarah.peterson@carleton.ca .
    Looking forward to chatting with you!


  7. as someone who is unable to drive motorized vehicles as a result of health issues, cycling provides me with a measure of freedom and transportation that often surpasses public transport in Ottawa.

    your blog caught my attention some time ago, and it was with real interest that I read the following article this morning.

    this may in fact be a way to address many of the problems presented by the ‘end the war on cars’ campaigners who drive, design and maintain roads for motorized vehicles as if they have an exclusive right to them.

    thanks for the great posts.

    “Do busy roads put off cyclists with disabilities, women or older people? And if so, could local authorities be made to improve cycle infrastructure under equality legislation?”


  8. Hi Lana-

    Love your blog! I was wondering if you might be able to tell me where in Ottawa we should go to have our entire family (toddler, preschooler, adults) fitted for bike helmets?

    Also, can you recommend a brand of pannier that you have had luck with? We are looking to outfit the rear rack of a box bike that is coming to live with us next week. We will be using it to tote around all the little kid essentials and our weekly shopping.

    Thanks for your help!

  9. Hi Lana,

    I’m on the search for my first bike. Your site is both inspiring and informative. Thanks for sharing all your research and thoughts!!

  10. Hi there. Loving your blog. 😀 I’m days away from making my first real bike purchase (yay!), but I’m a bit stuck between the Linus Dutchi 3 and the Brooklyn Bikes Willow 3. Any thoughts you might have on either brand or bike would be incredibly helpful.

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