Biking to an Ottawa museum? Better know a bike rack.

If you’re doing the downtown Ottawa museum circuit on a bike, here are the types of bike parking you can expect at each location.  I find these destinations always have lots of information on their websites about the quality and location of vehicle parking, but little about parking your trusty two-wheeler.  Fret no more.

War Museum
Located near the main entrance there are drop-ring style racks.  If you bike on the sidewalk from Booth to reach them… I won’t tell.

War Museum

Museum of Canadian History
There are racks near the restaurant entrance just off the pathway near the River.  Good for those who are interested in eating at the restaurant or taking the kids to the park to play. There are also more racks on the Laurier Avenue side near the main museum entrance.
Museum of Civilization

Bike parking norms at the Civilization (errr whatever it's called now) Museum

National Gallery
Oh dear.  Houston, we have a problem.  Wheelbenders.  Lots of wheelbenders.

Find a post, pole or spider leg.  Do not use these racks unless you like having your bike stolen.
Maman help me!

Museum of Nature
The Museum of Nature is completely prepared for the bikepocalypse.  They recently added about 12 racks of the drop-ring style parking racks.  They are located on both the east and west sides of the building.

Staff parking?

New bike racks at the Museum of Nature.

(Of course, there are also some nice poles close to the entrance.)
Ready to go

If your museum, institution or business is thinking about buying a bike rack, please consult John Luton’s photo gallery of Bad Bike Racks.  If you see your rack here, put away the credit card.  Stop.  Seek help immediately.

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