Coffee outside… in Ottawa

Calgary and Edmonton cyclists have a nice ritual of meeting up and having coffee outside. On Twitter they use the hashtag #coffeeoutside.

The nice thing about #coffeeoutside is that it’s a whole heckofalot less complicated to plan than a picnic.  Pack coffee, water and a fire source and you’ll be out the door in time for the caffeine equinox.


So, @bikeyknit and I got to thinking…. why do people in Calgary and Edmonton get to have all of the fun?  Do we not also have ‘outdoors’ in Ottawa?  And water.  And some mildly scenic locations worthy of a sunset Instagram and Aeropress humblebrag?  Sure we do.


Your guide to conducting acts of outdoor caffeination

    • Be capable of having what is known outside Ottawa as “the fun”
    • Choose a scenic stop.  I like a nice water view.
    • It never hurts to have a picnic table.
    • Select a favourite mug.
    • Pack caffeinatoring method.  Instant, filter, drip, downward dog*, Aeropress, percomatrix*, or hoverpress* with beans hand selected by your favourite tabby cat.  (*May not (yet) be real brewing methods.)
    • Bring along some milk (or substitute).  Keeping powdered milk in your coffee kit saves epics of seconds.  (Didn’t you know?  Bike time is measured in epics.)
    • Bring stove and fuel.
    • Pastries are always welcome.  Refer to point #1 regarding “the fun”.
    • Announce outing! Tweet the meet-up time and location.  Bonus point  for sunrise and/or sunset coffee making.  Sun = fun!

That’s pretty much it.  Keep a towelette in your kit to wipe off any excess pastry face residue.  Try not to get too “coffee ‘splainy” – your Twitter or Instagram followers will ensure your brewing choice is deconstructed and rated.  Enjoy the moment! 

#sunset #epic #coffee #beans #pourover #filter #burrgrinder #outoftags

Voila.  Random acts of coffee.  Outside.



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