#coffeeoutside – Prince of Wales bridge edition

One week you’re having #coffeeoutside and the next week, the city is fixing the hole in the fence to make access to the bridge off-limits again.  I’m glad that @bikeyknit and I were able to enjoy the view from the bridge for an early morning coffee and macarons morning outing.

Here’s the view of the pathway from the bridge’s edge.


We set up for a little picnic – gingham picnic cloth and all.  Our picnic style game is on point.  We’re getting pretty good quick coffee outings.  (I keep my coffee gear together in a container for impromptu brewing opportunities.)


I artfully spilled some beans getting them into the Porlex for grinding.  Beans for this outing were Poppa Bean out of Vars.


It was very peaceful except for a couple of disgruntled joggers.  They seemed thoroughly annoyed at having to step around freshly brewing coffee.  I sensed jealousy as they ignored our “Good Morning” greetings.  Jogger problems.


The Prince of Wales coffee outing was fun while it lasted.

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