Family road trip! Biking to Montreal’s Biodome


During our visit to Montreal, we stayed in the Plateau area of town.  It is perfectly situated for easy bike outings.  In the morning, we walked over to Fitz and Follwell to pick up our rental bikes for the day.

Sure, we could have taken the métro (there is a stop directly next to the museum), but biking in Montreal is a special treat that I wanted the boys to experience.

Husband and son rode a Yuba Mundo and I rode a step-through Linus for the day.  I tossed my purse in the basket and we headed off to the Biodome.

My creation

The Rachel bi-directional bike lanes run all the way from the Plateau to the Biodome.  Since we knew the route was all on a protected bike lane, we decided to go helmet-free for the day.  I couldn’t recall if kids were required to have one, so we put one on his head to keep things legal. 

My creation

And then we reveled in 7km of connected bike lanes that took us (nearly) to our destination.

As you approach the Biodome, you’ll probably think you should cross the road at one of the signalized intersections.  This would be wrong.

If you enter the Biodome/Jardin Botanique parking lot, there is an underpass that takes pedestrians and cyclists between the two museums.  Obviously. 

Not so obviously.  It took some wrong turns.  A sign at the parking lot entrance would be helpful.


As usual, we had a great visit. The penguins alone are worth the trip.  I sometimes wonder if the puffins get a bit jealous at all the penguin attention next to them.  Poor puffins.

Outside the museum, there is a fix-it station by the bike racks.  I made use of this to raise the seat on my rental bike after being too eager to get on the road to twiddle with seat height.


We followed Rachel on the return leg, stopping at the Maison des cyclistes for a little verre de quelquechose (wine!).




They could actually use more bike racks.  Of course, this is a general problem around most of downtown.  As I’ve mentioned before, my impression is that more energy is devoted to building bike lanes than bike parking.   So, you may have to do a bit of searching for a place to lock up.

With a sudden downpour averted due to my suggestion we do a café stop (me = nature pro), we waited for the sun to return, dried off our saddles and continued our sightseeing.

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Comments: 2

  1. Leanne says:

    I have that bike! The Linus Dutchi in turquoise. She’s very pretty. I have a front basket and two collapsible rear baskets, so I can can carry a lot of stuff!

    I discovered your blog a couple of months ago, when I was bike shopping and looking for Ottawa cycling information. So I’ve been lurking for a while, but had to comment on this post.

    • Lana says:

      Well then… you have a great bike. Thanks for lurking (and commenting!)