Just biking around: Coffee in Minneapolis

To prepare for the Winter Cycling Congress in Minneapolis, I made a Google map of important things to see.  The map had two lists: coffee and beer.  And since the lists were long, I only made it to a fraction of my must-see spots.

So, here’s where my winter coffee and bike tour took me.  (Hat tip to Minneapolize for the thoughtful lending of your ‘Dreamcycle’ for the week.)

Peace Coffee

Check out this image I made using Diptic!

I could tell by my Google searches that Peace Coffee was an institution not to be missed.  But what made it a must-drink destination for me was their collection of branded drinkware.  From the cat mug to the bear with a coffee thermos, this was my first stop on the coffee tour.

Rolling up to the cafe, there was a full assortment of bikes out front and I knew that I had chosen well.   And now there’s an adorable tote bag in their shop. Gah!  I need to go back. Thumbs up, Peace Coffee!

Spyhouse Coffee

Spyhouse also rated highly in my Google searches and the two that I visited are in rehabilitated buildings (swoon).

Spyhouse Coffee

They have also nailed the coffee swag and I biked to two locations to get my paws on the enamel mug (perfect for #coffeeoutside).

I had two of their signature fancy coffees.  Above is the ‘Spygirl latte’ with honey and lavender.

And below the ‘Spruce Willis’ – a double shot of espresso with house made chocolate, topped with spruce infused whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Both locations had excellent bike parking too.  Thumbs up, Spyhouse!

Freewheel Midtown Bike Centre (Coaster Brake Café)

This is more than just a café – it’s a bike shop, meeting place, secure commuter bike parking, education centre hub that faces the Midtown Greenway.  Again, I left with another mug.  I mean, look at this beautiful Winterbike mug!  Winter coffee tastes better in a seasonal mug.


Last but not least, was a special #coffeeoutside (or #hotchocolateoutside) with the National Parks Service



While not officially a café, having a hot drink outside while ‘just biking around’ was on my to-do list.  The roaring fire in their Boom Island Park picnic shelter was epic.  First, ‘urban campfires’ are pretty much the key to my heart and second, the view of the city from the shelter was fantastic.  And the cocoa hit the spot too. 


We all were appointed Junior Park Rangers.  Happy to serve, NPS!

Then I cried some sad coffee tears because I didn’t make it to the other places on my list.

There’s always a next time.  But I may need to get some support to curb my mug addiction.

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  1. Dani Fisher says:

    Next time: find some Dogwood. They opened this week in Winnipeg too.

    • Lana says:

      Good timing! I’m heading to Winnipeg in a couple of weeks!