Just biking around: Eating around Minneapolis

Five days without parental obligations is the greatest.  And exploring somewhere new on my bike is pretty much my ideal vacation (no matter the weather). So, this vacation already had a lot going for it before getting into the food scene. And the food I tried was really just the icing sugar on the semla.

American Swedish Institute and Fika

American Swedish Institute

The Fika café had some pretty high praise on their website.  National standard for a museum café?  Best lunch in Minneapolis?   No pressure.  This was no Ikea meal.

Since the word ‘fika’ means a break involving coffee and treats, I may have splurged on a glass of sparkling wine, meatballs and a semla (it’s more than just a bun) – it’s an almond cream filled sweet bun.  Take me to your Sweder!  This was a great stop and I could have spent a lot of time just in their Swedish Shop alone.  Luckily, the snowstorm that had started swirling outside made me rethink staying there too long.

However, because of the snow, I got to see their heated self-clearing sidewalk in action!  No salt! Amazing.


Fika, you have me at ‘smörgåsar’. Whipped cream filled desserts? Too decadent? No! Because it’s 2016. That’s why.


Fulton Brewery

The brewery was the first of our organized conference outings (note how their bike racks match the colour of their logo).  I tried the Lodestar Ale which is infused with juniper berries.  Fulton, you won me over before I even got through the door with your bike racks, but you had me at ‘juniper’ and ‘berries’.


Black Sheep pizza

Now, I’ve seen the copper trend sweeping across the Instagram, but the trend hasn’t arrived in Ottawa yet.  No problem… when in Rome, you order the Minnesota Mule.



This may have resulted in some directionally challenged wandering post-pizza as I woefully tapped the wrong address into Google maps to navigate to a trivia event.  The wharehouse district is both a great place to get lost around (converted wharehouses! swoon!) and home to a (surprising) number of strip clubs.  Ying and yang.

The days were packed full and we made the most of hotel life by grabbing take-out and watching hotel TV.  I learned that there was a show called ‘Parking Wars’ and that avocado toast exists outside of Pinterest.  Whoa! (On both fronts.)


I didn’t get to as many of the craft breweries as I had intended on my to-do list.  They’ll have to wait for the next visit. It’s always a good sign when you want to go back to continue exploring.

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