Just biking around: Lanes, bridges and rails

I didn’t see everything, but here are some of the nicer bikey things I saw while in Minneapolis.  Overall, I really enjoyed biking around the city.  I probably didn’t always take the best route – snow makes painted bike lanes hard to see.  But I was still impressed with how the pathways and bi-directional lanes were cleared.  I didn’t feel held back by the snowfall.

Martin Olav Sabo Bridge and the Midtown Greenway

I knew of the Midtown Greenway and the Martin Olav Sabo bridge from a couple of older Streetfilms videos (check them out: Midtown Greenway  and Martin Olav Sabo Bridge).  It’s always cool to see a Streetfilms location in real life.  And I got to see it in the winter – so, bonus!

The Greenway is a great spine the runs East-West across the city and I used it for each of my outings.

Midtown Greenway

Midtown Greenway

The Martin Olav Sabo bridge crosses a train line and a wide highway.  The longer ramps didn’t feel onerous because the crossing and view is SO pleasant.  Benches to sit on and colourful lighting at night, this bridge does it all.  (And it even features a lot of curves, so shield your eyes, Ottawa!)  There are also separate spaces for walking and cycling.  Because apparently they got that memo in 2007 when the bridge was built.  I’m sure we’ll catch up with our future pedestrian bridges… some day?

Martin Olav Sabo Bridge


The Grand Rounds signs are classy and point out the larger destinations, trails and parks.  The St. Paul “Grand Round” dropped the ‘s’ on their version.  Doing things differently seems to be a key trait of St. Paul.  Right down to the S.  Pathways often had separate lanes for pedestrians unless marked.  The Mississippi River Trail (a multi-state cycling route and key tourism attraction) had its own signs for the route.


More Bridges!

Being a river city, there are lots of bridges.  The Stone Arch Bridge below is an iconic cycling and pedestrian bridge with views over the city and river.


I don’t recall what this bridge was called.  I will call it snowy bridge.  Bridge bridge bridge.

I’ve run out of interesting things to say about lanes and bridges.

Would I visit again during the winter?  Wholeheartedly, yes.  Even if the border security guard gives me side eye when I say that I’m traveling to go biking in the snow.    Biking in Minnesota?  In February?  Yes, ma’am.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Just commenting to say it looks like you had a fantastic trip. I’m so impressed with the way the city encourages and maintains paths for winter biking. Also: I totally want fancy coffees now :).