Pedestrian friendly Montreal

Springtime in Montreal – blossoms and trees line residential streets:
Spring walk

Crosswalk in a school zone.  Full zebra striping, speed bumps and a 30km/h signage.
School zone

On-street school zone markings:
School zone

Pushbuttons that do what you expect:
Push button

A popular scramble intersection during the weekdays:
It's a scramble!

Your speed is clocked:
Votre vitesse

Separating by speed – walking and biking:
Walking and biking lanes

Cycle and walk space

The Montreal perch: When there’s not enough space for a patio, there’s probably still enough space for a corner perch in the sun.
Montreal perch style

Greening corners at bulbouts.  Notice the lamp post is situated out of the sidewalk zone.
Greenery on bulbouts

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Comments: 2

  1. Tristan says:

    So encouraged by what has been done for cycling in Mtl over the last 5 years. Moved to Ottawa just before they got the Bixis and bike lanes started. The number cyclists has increased dramatically and the city is so much improved. Picture of the bulbouts is 1 block from where I grew up – love it!

    • Lana says:

      I lived for a summer on hotel de ville, but otherwise I was in the McGill ghetto. I moved before visits and bikes, but I am encouraged by how much a culture can grow in less than 10 years just by reclaiming pavement.