The ski bike rides again

After the weather ups and downs – deep freeze, thaw, freeze – we finally got a good layer of fresh snow last week and there was no way I was going to miss getting in a ski over the weekend. I am loving having skis again.

On my last ski outing, I noted that the War Museum had bike racks near the pathway, so I headed directly down Booth Street to the museum. (Hill, whee!)  The bike racks were solidly buried in snow, so I tried to finagle locking my bike to a bench near the entrance, but the lock just wasn’t long enough. So I dragged the bike over to the snow racks. Fine. Who needs kickstands when you’ve got a snowbank?


The ski bike set up
I’m getting a little closer to a good ski-bike set up. I picked up some bands to hold the skis together instead of laying each flat on the rear deck. My ski poles came with plastic clips to keep them together. I’m still hitting the ski tips with my legs while I’m pedalling. (I’d flip the skis around the other way, but then the bindings don’t allow the skis to lie flat.) It may be time to call in the husband for some sort of custom solution to get the skis to be mounted flat against the frame.

Ski bike!

But for now, this does the trick for a short ride.

A couple of bungee cords pulled tightly around the skis and poles holds everything tightly on the MinUte’s deck.

Ski conditions
With the bike locked up and skis clipped on, it was time to head off. The early morning light was a treat for this cube dweller. DAYLIGHT!
Ski start.

Despite the tromped down pathway and ski trails, there was little “traffic” on the route.  I only saw a couple of runners and skiers on my jaunt to Westboro and back.
The River Pathway seems well used – despite the big layer of fluffy snow that fell a few days ago – the trail was tromped down solidy.
There are on and off ski tracks. In some spots the tracks get tromped out, but the ones that veer a little off the “beaten path” are better preserved. And the tracks often lead you up nice little hills so there are some small (but fun) descents. I followed these.

The ski tracks take you a bit “off road” – which is fun. Unlike Gatineau Park, you won’t get lost. Just listen for the hum of traffic.

Near the new north-south pathway I saw these trails. Left by snowboarders?  It’s certainly easier to get to this slope than the ski hills. Cheaper too!
Snowboard trails?

The trees were most impressive. The mist off the water provided kilometres of crystal coated trees. The river gurgled away as my skis shoup shouped along. I can’t believe this is only a couple of kilometres from my house.

Ottawa River ski-way.

Arriving back at the museum, my bike was waiting for me under a gentle snow. It reminded me of a picture out of the Netherlands. Albeit, a much snowier Netherlands.

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