30 Days of biking 2016 edition: “the commuting myth

I took meticulous notes about where I traveled using my bike in April and how much I spent. And my results show that we may want to reconsider the importance of “Bike to Work” months, when the majority of my trips were not to my workplace.

77% of my biking destinations were not my workplace.



So, where did I travel in April? Mostly within a 5km distance with a few exceptions.

Full-size strava april2016

What I found was that shopping and childcare were the bulk of my destinations.

Type of trip Number of Destinations
Shopping 32
Childcare and recreation 36
Workplace 20

I then recorded all of my stops and where I spent money in a Google Map.


Don’t judge me. I like eating out. And it’s a luxury when you don’t have car payments or bus passes to buy.

Let’s zoom in to one of my shopping hotspots! Oooh boy, imagine how many more people would feel like shopping here with a bike lane instead of sharrows? $$$$ : ) $$$$

If I only look at a 2km radius from my house, I spent $1025 at local businesses.

If I expand that to 5km, the total grows to $1269.

Still think bikes don’t mean business? Still think “bike to work month” is the right strategy?